Los Calderones Trail (Carrocera)

Los Calderones

Los Calderones Trail (Carrocera)

In Piedrasecha take the path running parallel to the river until you reach the spring of Manadero and the Pigeons Cave (Cueva de las Palomas), where you can see the image of Nuestra Señora del Manadero. The trail continues through a gorge on the dry bed of the stream, since the water runs away through the limestone. The trail ends at a small gate belonging to a private property. From here, and without any trail signs, it is possible to continue upwards to Santas Martas and Las Vegas del Palomar. After crossing the plain and skirt round the Palomar Peak, go down to Santas Martas and retrace your steps to Piedrasecha.

Zone: Luna
Starting point:Piedrasecha
Finish point: Piedrasecha
Difficulty: Medium
Distance: 12 Km
Slope: 500 m
Time: 4:30 h
Recommended season: All Year
Signposted: Yes

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