Valporquero to Valle and Coladilla Trail (Vegacervera)

Ruta Valporquero

Valporquero to Valle and Coladilla Trail (Vegacervera)

The trail starts at the very village of Valporquero towards the West. It soon reaches a wide fertile plain and, little by little, you get to the mountain passes of Valle de Vegacervera Valley, a vast limestone territory occupied by natural pastures, where caves and dolines abound. From here the trail goes downward until the village of Valle. On the way to the graveyard, the path La Gallega leads to Coladilla. The trail continues steadily upward, leaving the valley and returning to Valporquero. The vehicle road is lost and you need to take the path descending to the stream of the same name.

Zone: Torío
Starting point:Valporquero
Finish point: Valporquero
Difficulty: Medium
Distance: 11 Km
Slope: 300 m
Time:4 h
Recommended season: Not recommended in winter.
Signposted: Yes

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